About Me

Hello! I'm Koen, an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial JavaScript developer from the Netherlands who likes to push the web beyond its limits. I specialize in creating intuitive frontend experiences using React, Angular, and Svelte, and am equally adept at handling backend environments with Node and TypeScript. I'm interested in helping inspiring companies create innovative web apps that users love.

If you want to discuss an opportunity with me, feel free to reach out. Sometimes I'm available for hire for advice, mentoring or consulting.

Recently, I started on a new journey with Rabobank, stepping into the role of a lead frontend developer. In this position, my aim is to guide others through Rabobank's sometimes complex environment, fostering a community where developers can easily seek assistance, engage in code reviews and collectively grow. Of course, I'll continue coding myself – an aspect of my career that I love and wouldn't dream of giving up!


  • Platforms: Web, Node.js, Mobile (iOS)
  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Elixir, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks: React, React Native, Express, Next.js, Angular, Svelte
  • Tooling & Testing: react-testing-library, Webpack, Lerna, Babel, Jest, Nock, Mock Service Worker, Playwright, Git, Unix
  • Knowledgeable: CI/CD, Testing, Monorepos, Single Page Apps, Accessibility, Server Side Rendering, Progressive Web Apps, Internationalization
  • Services: Docker, Azure, Gitlab CI, MongoDB, Postgresql, Google Tag Manager, Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud, Jira, Sentry


  • M.A. in Philosophy, Utrecht University (cum laude).
  • Minor in Computational Science, Utrecht University.
  • Erasmus Student Exchange, Universität Regensburg (Germany).