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Koen van Gilst

Koen van Gilst / January 1, 2016

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Development of an online audio player commissioned by Dedicon for the Stichting Passend Lezen.

With the Online Player (OLP), users are supported in reading in various ways. The support includes, among other features, the marking of the sentence/words of the text read by a human voice. Additionally, users can adjust the reading speed, font size, colors, etc.

The OLP has been made compatible for use with a screen reader and can be used with a braille display line or other screen readers.

Example Audiobook

Here, the OLP opens the book "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" in audio mode.

Harry Potter en het vervloekte kind (fragment)

Example Combo Book

Here, the OLP opens the book "Geel Gras" in combo mode, where both the text and the word are highlighted.

Geel Gras (fragment)