Tommy Hilfiger, freelance

Koen van Gilst

Koen van Gilst / January 1, 2017

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For Tommy Hilfiger I worked in an Agile Scrum team as a full-stack JavaScript developer on their loyalty app MyTommy. I worked on new features and bug fixes, in particular:

  • Internationalization (backend and frontend, React-Intl)
  • Instagram feature, see screenshots below
  • Mixpanel tracking
  • Detox end-to-end tests in cooperation with QA
  • Jest/Enzyme unit tests

MyTommy in the App Store


Node.js Express API:

  • Nock for gray box testing
  • Bugsnag for error reporting
  • Postgresql (Knex) database
  • Passport


React + Redux:

  • Redux Thunk, Persist etc.
  • React Intl for localization
  • Jest + Enyzme for unit tests
  • Detox for end-to-end tests