Koen van Gilst

Koen van Gilst / 2021

1 min read

For Rabobank, I created the React frontend app from scratch for the Value Chain Viewer project. This project is part of the Data4Food innovation department at Rabobank, which develops data-driven solutions for farmers around the globe.

  • Stack: Modern React with TypeScript, Styled Components, Framer Motion, react-testing-library, Storybook.
  • Responsible for the general frontend architecture of this greenfield project.
  • Implementation of frontend, working with data scientists, business analysts, and designers.
  • Help set up infrastructure in Azure Portal, including token-based Azure Active Directory.
  • Integrate PowerBI visuals from data analysts into the frontend.
  • Focus on speed of delivery (for MVP) and, after that, maintainability and scalability (for the scale-up phase).