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AI Enhanced Learning

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How to use AI to create personalized learning experiences

Analyzing GPT-4 Tokens

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For this article I used Llama3 to analyze GPT-4 tokens, revealing a strong bias towards English and code.

Guest post by ChatGPT

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I asked ChatGPT to write a blog post about its impact on the way developers write code. The contents might surprise you.

AI and the Complexity of Code

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Large Language Models like ChatGPT and CoPilot have a dual role in simplifying and complicating software development. Using a simple experiment this post explores how LLMs often lead to an increase in code complexity.

Is creativity nothing more than a little randomness?

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By using the randomness, AI can generate more surprising and engaging text, similar to how some human thinkers benefit from unconventional approaches. This post explores the concept of randomness in AI and its implications for creativity.

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